A revolutionary Patent ice bucket design that includes 6 ice cube trays …Making it total of 60 ice cubes & ice balls
Each ice cube and ice ball measures 2 cm…The perfect size to keep your drinks cold and refreshing!

The ice Maker has a Futuristic innovation that makes trays change color to blue Indicating the ice cubes and ice spheres are ready !

Enjoy a delicious drink powered by the most modern ice Maker of the century.

The ice cube trays have a modern design that allows you to fill the water in each tray separately and refill them without affecting the other frozen trays.   Get as many ice cubes & ice balls as you need without dumping them all in a bucket and having all the ice stick together!

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Enjoy the high quality with:

LFGB certified, Food Grade, BPA free & Dishwasher safe.

Benefit of the IceTic Ice Maker

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